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As part of Luminato, Indigenous Youth (16 - 25) will have the opportunity to participate in a storytelling workshop led by Yolanda Bonnell, and facilitated by artists Cole Alvis and Ashley Bomberry. The workshop includes warm ups and discovering the different ways a story can be told (body/movement, writing, song, or combination). Participants will find the path that suits them best and will create a 5-minute piece of theatre that will tell a specific creation story.

Participants will then have the opportunity to perform their piece in front of an audience as a prologue to Yolanda’s performance of bug at Luminato. This is not mandatory. It’s important that participants feel comfortable and that the primary goal is that they are gaining new theatrical/storytelling skills. Participants can also attend the performance with family/friends as audience members.

The workshop is FREE to participate (note the capacity is 10 participants, registering in advance is recommended). Light snacks and workshop materials will be provided.

The workshop will be held at:

The Theatre Centre (1115 Queen St W Toronto, ON M6J 3T4)

 The workshop dates:

Saturday June 16, 2018 @ 12PM - 4PM

Sunday June 17, 2018 @ 12PM - 4PM

Email lisa@manidoons.com to register and reach out to Lisa Alves if you have any questions.

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review. Bug by Yolanda Bonnell - Manidoons Collective @ Luminato

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Yolanda Bonnell's solo show, bug, is a daring construction which weaves creation story with real life and esoteric worlds to create a moment in which we witness all the joy and pain, hope and despair of a young indigenous woman. READ MORE HERE.

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Shay Erlich - Reviews From the Comfort of my Wheelchair

There is an urgent need for Canadians to understand the legacy that colonization has left on Indigenous peoples. Bug’s creator Yolanda Bonnell explains that while it would be unheard of for Canadians to leave school unaware of shameful historical moments such as slavery or the holocaust, too many Canadians remain unaware of the residential school system and the intergenerational impacts that the forced removal of children has had on Indigenous peoples. READ MORE HERE.

UNO Fest 2018. Interview with Guest Indigenous Curator Yolanda Bonnell

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Yolanda Bonnell is the very first guest curator at UNO Fest. She kindly answered questions not only about her role as curator, but also as the creator of bug, one of the shows in the festival. READ MORE HERE